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Darkness Rising: Part 2 Movie Download Hd _TOP_

Hercules tells Morrigan about the goodness and darkness in them both. And he thinks that "this" is nice between them... but soon has dreams/visions about nebula and the druids, and they all go and find the druids all dead. Mabon is the only one still alive but is dying soon, Hercules realizes from the info that Mabon has give, that Dahak is responsible again. Morrigan says now they both have reasons to fight Dahak, Hercules for his friend; Morrigan for the death of the druids. Morrigan says that killing Dahak is justice and it is part of her responsibility now. Morrigan leaves her daughter in the care of a Celt and his wife while she will be gone. On the ship Morrigan feels she has failed the druids because she was not there to protect them, but Hercules tells her Dahak would have killed her too had she been there. Morrigan has a hard time dealing with the pain of losing those that she cared about, and asks Hercules how he stands it, he says he has had a lot of practice. Morrigan says he wrong about one thing--she says that if she was in the temple she would have died, but she was with him and her so her life was not everyone he cares about dies.

Darkness Rising: Part 2 movie download hd

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