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If your child gets from 0 to 100 in 5 minutes and you often feel like their emotions are TOO BIG and uncontrollable...

There is a chance you have a Highly Sensitive Child

What is a Highly Sensitive Child?

  • Your child gets overstimulated by their environment easily

  • Your child has out-of-control BIG emotionsescalates quickly

  • Their emotional outbursts last for a long time and they seem to struggle to calm down

  • Your child pushes you away when experiencing BIG emotions and pushes you away, acts in  a defensive manner (closes their ears, physically pushes you away).

  • Your child gets easily overwhelmed by a busy schedule or lack of sleep

  • Your child has a hard time handling smells, textures (sand between the feet, water, seams on clothes), or sounds (vacuum, driers in the restrooms).

  • Your child can be very observant and thoughtful, e.g., they ask a lot of questions and notice things that many others don't notice, they are particularly aware of changes to their environment and people's moods.

  • You or those around you have previously labeled your child as stubborn, hard to deal with, dramatic, difficult.


Is this your child? And regular parenting strategies like naming feelings etc. aren't working for you?

Problems I Help Solve

Or Do those things apply to YOU and you are struggling handling big feelings, loud yells, feeling like the only way is to please others?


You are in the right place.


If you have a sensitive, deeply feeling child on your hands or if you are a highly sensitive person yourself, seeking additional support is a sign of everything that’s RIGHT with you and with your family. Because you aren't coasting - you’re willing to work through these tricky things, together!

What We Can Do

  • Together we can recognize how difficult it can be to parent a Highly Sensitive Child. I have one myself, I understand. We can also see how our own triggers lie in the way of deeper connection and confident parenting, and understand YOUR SPECIFIC CHILD better.

  • We can get unstuck from the non-effective parenting strategies that aren't working for you and get unstuck from learned pattens.

  • ​We will learn how AMAZING your child truly is and infuse your parenting choices with connection, curiosity, and confidence to allow your child unfold the brightest expression of their truest most authentic selves. 

  • We can create PEACE in your home and in your soul.

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