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Learning Walks

20 Awesome Walks that Will Develop Your Child More than 200 Hours at School

Are you looking to spend your walks with your child to benefit their development? To boost their critical thinking? To help them SEE UNUSUAL in common things? To foster their creativity as you go for a seemingly mundane walk or while you are grabbing a cup of coffee? Help them look for root cause of phenomena around them?

Here is an example: You are picking up mail together, and your child doesn't want to go, it's a frustrating walk, and the last thing from fun. Now let's re-write the scenario: You're going on an exciting adventure where you tell them about the world's first mailbox  that happened to be in a boot (real story) and then do some fun filled, yet educational activities and play related to mail, including a creative thinking exercise that you can add to your piggy bank and use for other subjects in the future.










These 20 learning walks are filled with so much fun and learning that they will easily substitute for 200 classes. Your kids will learn about living vs. nonliving things, animals, birds, trees, twigs, bees, water, boats and floating, sky, clouds, homes, recycling, and so much more. But it's way ahead of traditional classroom learning. We process and retain information that we receive empirically much better than knowledge we get from textbooks or a lecture. We won’t load them with facts that their brain won’t retain. Instead, through my approach incorporating STEAM, TRIZ (a methodology used in tech for creative problem solving), and even coaching exercises, we will learn to ask deep questions, share meaningful observations and hypotheses, and work on their ability to think systemically, notice how everything around them is intertwined, and encourage imagination. Moreover, through sharing ideas and fostering deep bonding and meaningful connection we will help them think and play independently! By spending 15-20 minutes quality time and focusing on your child, we are providing them creative ideas that will help them play independently afterwards much longer than usual.

  • My Child is Attending School / Preschool / Summer Camp - They Will Learn There
    First of all, most schools and educational establishments are built on a traditional approach to education where they focus on developing skills, solving problems according to a template (but life doesn't work this way, does it?) and memorization. Learning Walks employ STEAM, TRIZ, and even coaching exercises to help children boost creative and critical thinking and start developing their systemic processing (the hardest type of processing even for adults). Additionally, research shows that we learn better from those we are attached to (or have strong bond with), so our children are likely to learn much better from us and their dedicated caregivers than school or camp teachers.
  • Isn't It Better to Just Give Them a Break in Summer?
    Absolutely, giving them a break is a must! But mental apathy and a lot of screen time has nothing to do with a real break. We aren't going to put them at a desk and we will not force them to do anything. Instead, our goal is to peak their curiosity with something we notice in the world around us, then deepen and support this interest through observations, questions, fun facts, play, and exercises. Every Learning Walk has those ready to take the load off you!
  • I'm a Working Parent, Not Sure I Have Enough Time
    Do you take your child on a walk to the playground? Or do you sometimes walk to a coffee shop together? How much time does it take to pause on your walk to watch a bee, ask a few questions about it and share a few fun facts and a story, and then suggest your child some fun play on your walk that will let you sip that coffee in peace, but simultaneously will help their brain retain the information? If you have that time - that's all it takes. And it's easy to do - I'll show you if you choose to join me on my adventure. And by the way, the price of each walk if you buy the package is way less than the price of that cup of coffee!
  • What Does This Include?
    A program that will help your child develop a wholesome worldview including 20 fun, education filled manuals with inspiration for both you and your child, full of fun facts, games, experiments, fascinating stories and exercises that can be applied to a number of different areas and situations, not just topic at hands. It also includes notes for parents on how to use those exercises and examples where they can be applied. Every walk includes an Appendix with some pictures based on what we've talked about, links with some additional materials and books, including read-out-loud links to get deeper into the subject. On our walks we talk about plants, animals, water, sun, stars, and even coffee cups - you name it. Each walk references some knowledge we've gotten from other walks and helps your kids connect the dots - and work on their SYSTEMIC PROCESSING, which is very important. Systemic processing is a type of thinking that even many adults struggle with, one of the most challenging ones to develop. It helps us recognize how the parts of a whole operate together to create a combined effect and how all individual parts contribute, how a small action can change the end result, and we are having FUN working on it!
  • How Long Will Every Walk Take?
    Every walk has enough activities and ideas for several walks, and for multiple days, so this program will be enough for days of walking and learning, it's really designed to encompass the warm time of the year for most of us in traditional 4 season climate - May through September, and it's up to you if you want to cover a little bit of the subject in 10-15 minutes every day for a week or spend an hour and a half on it today if you have time and then even do some exercises at home. It's easily tailored for your child and for your lifestyle.
  • Who Is This Product For?
    For Children between ages 3 and 9. You'll pick a few things for younger little ones and share more with older ones. You'll see comments in the manuals that will help you tailor them based on your kids' age. And for parents and caregivers who want to have fun with their child outside, encourage their natural curiosity and creativity, and work on creative thinking, believe that learning doesn't end in a classroom and the world is their oyster to explore and get excited about.
  • I Can Find All the Information Online Myself
    On one hand, you are right - the information itself is available online if you spend time and effort searching. On the other hand, Learning Walks aren't about the dry facts, it's about teaching your child thinking and observing, and sharing dry facts won't help with that. I've created this as a wholesome program based on a number of approaches rather tan a compilation of facts! The exercises that I share aren't openly available online, and you can adopt them for many other areas of learning.

If you are a parent or caregiver with kids anywhere between 3 and 9 and you are looking to spend some quality time with them fostering growth, education, fun, deepening your connection, sparking their creativity, imagination, critical thinking, and independence - get the Learning Walks now to ensure a great summertime or get your first walk for free to launch your kids and yourself on this exciting adventure!



Pay $5 per walk / $20 a month and get your walks delivered to your inbox once a week for 6 months



Buy all 20 walks now and use them when it's convenient for you for $24.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY) for the program or  $1.20 per walk!



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Expectations VS Reality

It can be very challenging for us when our expectations and reality clash against each other. We hope to have a fun peaceful walk and end up dragging a whining child, frustrated and exasperated ourselves that we can't have some peace and quiet. Try our Learning Walks and see how your outside routine transforms in a few days and your children will start coming up with ideas for new walks and stories themselves! Moreover, it will likely positive affect your relationship overall!


These walks are so incredibly convenient to have! I wish I bought them earlier! My kids are 4 and 6, and they both love science and experiments. Once I get them going, they can play and talk about the subject for a long time on their own. And I can hang out and enjoy my coffee! A win for everyone!

- L., Hoboken, New Jersey

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