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About Zenfullmama Project

On a Mission to Make the World a More Peaceful and Creative Place, One Child at a Time


About Me

Do you want more? For yourself, your relationships, your children, your business? Through honest reflection, insight, and listening to YOUR needs, your wants, your body, you can tap into your inner wisdom – to unlock the answers that you already know, answers from within, not from the buzz around you.

Are you ready to: Listen (to YOU)... learn... lead..? And create the life YOU want? 

I offer individual coaching sessions, coaching packages, workshops on attachment parenting & TRIZ for children (helping you raise creative problem solvers)


Master's Degree in Communications

Master Degree in International Relations

Certified Martha Beck Wayfinder Coach

Attachment Based Parenting Coach

Neufeld Institute Certified (Intensives I & II)

Resilience: Stress Adaptation and Stress Disorders Treatment


Attachment play therapy 

Problems I Help Solve

  • If you are feeling stuck and frustrated - as a person, in your relationship, or as a parent. Welcome. Let's untangle the root cause together and understand what you can do about it.

  • If your child is uncontrollable, throwing tantrums and fits and you are feeling angry, helpless and unsure how you can make things better

  • If you are feeling triggered by your child or spouse 

  • If you are feeling like you are lacking meaning in your life and purpose for your soul

  • If your child only wants to watch cartoons or play video games

  • If you feel like you have a highly sensitive child: their emotions are BIG and you feel out of control

  • Creative thinking development through TRIZ approach for children 3-7 workshops

What We Can Do

  • We'll unlearn what was adopted and tap into your soul and body, you'll hear your voice and together we'll look for MEANING AND PEACE FOR YOU and get "unstuck".

  • ​Infuse your parenting choices with connection, curiosity, and confidence to allow your child unfold the brightest expression of their truest most authentic selves.

  • Create a nurturing atmosphere that allows for connection, vulnerability, and authenticity for your children and your inner children to flourish

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