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Prison Break - Season 4

The fourth season of Prison Break, an American serial drama television series commenced airing in the United States on September 1, 2008, on Fox. It consists of 24 episodes (22 television episodes and 2 straight to DVD episodes), 16 of which aired from September to December 2008. After a hiatus, it resumed on April 17, 2009 and concluded on May 15, 2009 with a two episode finale.[1] The fourth season was announced as the final season of Prison Break, however the series returned in a limited series format as Prison Break: Resurrection, which premiered on April 4, 2017.

Prison Break - Season 4

On January 13, 2009, Fox president Kevin Reilly confirmed the series would end at the conclusion of this season. He explained, "Prison Break got to a point where a lot of the stories had been told." At the time, he said there was a possibility of adding two extra episodes, he said "We want to finish strong."[1] These extra two episodes became Prison Break: The Final Break, although they never aired on Fox, and became available only on DVD.

Season Four of Prison Break is the fourth season of the show, consisting of 22 episodes that aired from 2008 to 2009, with a follow-up TV movie: Prison Break: The Final Break. Sarah Wayne Callies returns as Sara Tancredi, who was previously thought to be dead. The season is about getting revenge on and taking down The Company, and features new characters helping them, and hindering them, in their quest. Homeland Security Agent Donald Self promises Michael, Lincoln, Bellick, Mahone, Sucre, and another criminal named Roland freedom if they collect Scylla - an information source of high value to The Company. Aiding them is Sara Tancredi.

With the start of each new season, I would sit down with every intention of watching Prison Break week to week, as it was broadcast, set to give in and give myself over to its ever increasing lunacy. But each season I would throw my hands up in exasperation after two or three episodes and switch off.

Of the show's five seasons, Prison Break season 5 is undoubtedly the worst. Not only does it continue Prison Break's downward trend of adding unnecessary conspiracies to the story just to keep it going, but it also ruined Michael Scofield's death in Prison Break: The Final Break, which itself barely managed to achieve successful closure after continuing from Prison Break season 4. Set seven years after the previous season, Prison Break season 5 retcons Michael's death by revealing that he was actually alive in a Yemen prison all along. The other Prison Break main characters, Burrows, Sara, T-Bag, and C-Note, then have to help him break out of prison (again) and unravel (another) far-fetched conspiracy that explains why he was put away the most recent time. All of these unnecessary and convoluted factors are why Prison Break season 5 is the worst one of the whole series and provides fairly concrete proof that the revival season was a big mistake.

Despite declining ratings following its ludicrously unrealistic fourth season, Prison Break's original ending after its cancelation in 2009 was for a different reason altogether. At the 2009 TV Critics Press Tour, former Fox media executive Kevin Reilly told reporters that Prison Break had been canceled due to a lack of creativity in the writer's room, prompting many to wonder what was the point then of Prison Break season 5. As originally reported by E! Online, Reilly went on to state that "The show has just played out. You get to a point creatively where you feel all the stories have been told, and you want to end strong." This moment of prescience by the Prison Break team would prove relatively short-lived, however, with a Prison Break revival series confirmed to be in the works by Fox by June 2015.

If nothing else, Prison Break season 5 was designed as a concrete ending for the series, reuniting the brothers once and for all. That said, season 5 sets up Prison Break season 6, with Michael being offered a government job to make use of his unique skills. Star Wentworth Miller also revealed that same year he pitched an endearingly silly season 6 idea where the brothers are locked up by their psychotic, previously unrevealed brother Tag, and they'd have to relive their past escapes in a new prison.

Series creator Paul Scheuring, on the other hand, appears content that Prison Break season 5 is the last one. Fox's most recent statement on the series' future in August 2019 confirms Scheuring's sentiments, with the network stating that there are no current plans to revive Prison Break to date. The final nail in the coffin for the show's future, however, arrived in February 2021 after the previously keen Wentworth Miller reversed his stance, advising that there will be no more plans for Prison Break featuring Michael Wentworth and closing the book on the series' already tenuous future once and for all.

As surprising as it is that Prison Break season 5 happened in the first place, what's even more surprising is that the cast agreed to return when their careers were doing just fine. Dominic Purcell (Lincoln Burrows) has taken on the role of Mick Rory/Heat Wave in the Arrowverse, appearing as the character in Arrow, Supergirl, Batwoman, The Flash, and most famously DC's Legends of Tomorrow. He also appeared in the British-German horror movie Blood Red Sky as Berg. Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield) has joined his co-star in the Arrowverse, playing Leonard Snart/Captain Cold in The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Other Prison Break actors have moved on since the series' first ending, not really bothering to make it in for Prison Break season 5. Robin Tunney (Veronica Donovan) is mainly known for '90s cult classics like Empire Records and The Craft, but since Prison Break she had a stint on The Mentalist and the 2020 psychological drama film Horse Girl. Peter Stormare (John Abruzzi) has mostly branched out into voiceover work, appearing in popular television series and videogames such as Castlevania, Elder Scrolls Online, and Destiny. Amaury Nolasco (Fernando Sucre) can be seen as Frankie Cuevas Sr. in Hightown, while Sarah Wayne Callies (Sara Tancredi) may be remembered the most as Lori on The Walking Dead. The same goes for the rest of the Prison Break cast members, who have all gone on to have good careers despite the show's failings.

Michael Scofield is a desperate man in a desperate situation. His brother, Lincoln Burrows, was convicted of a crime he didn't commit and put on death row. Michael holds up a bank to get himself incarcerated alongside his brother in Fox River State Penitentiary, then sets in motion a series of elaborate plans to break Lincoln out and prove his innocence. Once out of jail, their perils aren't over -- the brothers must flee to escape recapture and battle an intricate political conspiracy that puts everyone's life at risk.

Following quickly behind the recent statement from Prison Break star Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell has now confirmed that he too has backed out of ever making a sixth season in solidarity with his onscreen brother. Taking to social media, Purcell stood in support of Wentworth's recent statement regarding not wanting to return for another season of the popular show.

Rumors regarding further adventures with the mismatched Prison Break gang have been circulating for some time, with Dominic Purcell recently taking to social media to add help churn that rumor mill. While answering a series of fan questions, Purcell revealed that a sixth season was indeed in the works, "Rumor number 1. I'm old," he began. "Yes. I'm 50.....Rumor number 2. I'm bald. No I have a full head of hair; the people demand I shave it. Rumor number 3, Will season pb 6 happen. Yes.....Rumor number 4. Do I like humans? No. Not on mass. Definitely not."

Purcell's decision comes following Miller's recent social media message, which the actor made in response to backlash that he has received online. He took the opportunity to declare that he would not be back for a sixth season should it ever materialise, as well as explaining his reasons why. "On a related note... I'm out. Of PB. Officially," he said. "Not bec of static on social media (although that has centered the issue). I just don't want to play straight characters. Their stories have been told (and told). So. No more Michael. If you were a fan of the show, hoping for additional seasons... I understand this is disappointing. I'm sorry. If you're hot and bothered bec you fell in love with a fictional straight man played by a real gay one...That's your work. - W.M."

Created by Paul Scheuring for Fox, Prison Break revolves around two brothers, Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield, played by Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller respectively. Burrows is sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, leaving his genius sibling Scofield to devise an elaborate plan to help his brother escape prison and clear his name. The show originally ran for four seasons, ending in 2008, before being revived for a sequel miniseries in 2017, something which both Miller and Purcell were reportedly heavily involved in making happen.

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