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Buy Cedar Shake Siding

We specialize in cutting out any middle men and delivering your product Direct from the mill straight to your business or job site. We also ship anywhere overseas. We are your eyes and ears on the ground in the shake and shingle industry. With relationships we have fostered over 20+ years in business, and with second to none shipping rates, we can get you the product that fits your needs, with the highest quality at the sharpest price. Give us a call today at 1-877-850-1767 with any questions or for a quick quote!

buy cedar shake siding

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What's not to like about cedar siding? It's durable and eye-catching, with natural tones that blend beautifully with the surrounding environment. Innately infused with oils that reduce weathering, cedar is a natural insulator, which means it helps you lower your energy bills and boost your home's curb appeal.

Many people think cedar shingles for siding are the same as cedar shake, but the two are quite different. Shingle is typically thinner, tapered and cut on both sides by a vertical saw. Shakes are more commonly made by hand and split on one or both sides, so no two are identical. Other key differences include the following.

You should expect to pay $6 to $8 (CAD 8 to CAD 10.50) per square foot for cedar shake siding. This equates to around $9,600 to $12,800 (CAD 12,500 to CAD 16,700) for a 1,600-square-foot home, which is the average size of a single-family home.

You will likely need to remove the home's existing siding before installation, which typically costs around $2 (CAD 2.50) per square foot. It is sometimes possible to fit new onto old, although it's rarely recommended, particularly if the original siding is warped or rotting.

Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding is an exceptional choice to express your love for rustic outdoor look and natural beauty of cedar shakes. All the rugged charm of cedar without the prohibitive cost and high maintenance of real wood.

What is Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding? Vinyl cedar shake siding is siding that looks like real cedar wood shakes but made from vinyl. Much less expensive than real wood and is very maintenance friendly. Never needs painting, termites won't eat it, and can withstand very harsh weather conditions.

If you seek sophisticated siding with wood's natural look and warmth, The Foundry was designed for you. Offering beauty and brawn unmatched by other brands, Foundry is truly best-in-class. Its sublime surfaces, shapes and colors can enrich and upgrade any home.

Vinyl siding prices varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. But in general the price of vinyl siding will depend on how thick the siding panel is, whether it is insulated or non-insulated, the particular style, and color.

Cedar is one of the most common and one of the best natural materials used for siding. Natural cedar shingles create a timeless appeal that can transform your home into a work of art. Cedar shingles not only offer a very high level of protection, but also have great insulating characteristics and a low carbon-footprint, which makes them a great choice for builders who want to create energy-efficient "green" construction. Western Red Cedar is the most popular choice of Cedar varieties, and is prized for its longevity, low maintenance, its natural resistance to rot and insects, its insulating characteristics, and most of all, its beauty and character. Rebutted/Rejointed sidewall Shingles are specially designed for exterior and interior walls. Sidewall cedar shingles add beauty, texture, durability and insulating qualities to either new construction or remodeling and renovation of existing structures. Manufactured from Number 1 Grade Blue Label or Number 2 Grade Red label Certigrade red cedar shingles, trimmed for parallel edges with butts sawn at right angles. Available in both sawn, sanded, and grooved face textures. Rebutted and Rejointed (R and R) shingles. This process ensures that they are very precisely milled tight specifications. FinishesCedar shingles come in a variety of finishes that help you capture the look you want.NaturalPrimed GreyPrimed WhiteMany other special order colors can be obtained upon request.Grade 1Lengths 16-inch, 18-inch, 24-inch; width 4" minimum; thickness of 16-inch is 5/2" (5 butts together measure 2" thick), 18-inch is 5/2-" thick, 24-inch is 4/2" thick. Clear heartwood: 100% edge grain; no defects.

Certigrade Red Label Perfection Cedar Shingles-This type of smooth sawn architecturally uniform cedar shingle is perferred for its natural and tailored appearance and is used on traditional and modern residential and non-residential structures. For use on sidewalls.

On average, cedar siding costs between $3.50 and $10.50 per square foot for materials and installation. Although most companies sell it by the square foot, some sell it by linear feet, and the quantities required will differ.

Installation by a reputable local siding contractor will usually run from around $2 to $5 per square foot. For homes with a complex shape or a style like shake or shingle cedar siding, installation costs could be up to 25% more.

Cedar shakes are a traditional siding option and were originally made by hand. Workmen would chop a cedar log lengthwise to obtain wedge-shaped sections of cedar that would then be attached to the wall. They are very rough and have a lot of texture, which makes them unique.

Real cedar shakes are a rich color, but over the years, they dry out and turn gray. They also must be maintained with fresh stain every few years. With vinyl siding manufactured in sheets to look like cedar shingles, you can have the look without the upkeep. You also have your choice of colors with the vinyl selection.

If you choose to go for more elaborate shingle or shake cedar siding, expect to pay anywhere from $6.50 to $13.75 per square foot for materials and installation. This siding is tricky to install correctly and isn't a good choice for DIY installation.

Cedar, like other woods, has grades to indicate its quality and appearance. Grading in the lumber industry is unregulated and complex, and different types of wood can have their own grading system. Below are some factors to look out for when it comes to cedar siding grading.

Knotty grades like Select Tight Knot or Select Knotty are from fast-growth trees and are best suited to a rustic finish. They can have many knots or other defects running along the boards. Premium-grade cedar siding can cost twice as much as knotty varieties.

Expect to pay between $2,000 and $5,000 for professionals to remove 1,500 square feet of existing siding, though a careful and enthusiastic DIYer could tackle this job to maximize savings. There may still be fees to factor in from your local waste disposal authority to comply with the rules regarding the disposal of the old wood.

Staining or painting wood siding can significantly increase its longevity and give it a finished appearance. You can purchase cedar siding already finished, but if you have bought untreated siding, this is a job that will need doing during installation.

Staining typically costs $1.50 to $4 per square foot and painting around $3 to $6 per square foot for materials and labor. You can shave off some costs by doing this job yourself, but an improper application can reduce the longevity of the siding.

ProVia is proud to partner with Novik to create this unique collection of shake products that offer a perfect balance of realistic beauty and unparalleled performance. They require no painting, caulking or staining and can be cleaned with a simple rinse from your garden hose, giving you time to relax and enjoy what matters most to you.

The Homeside Select Double 7in. Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding is the most realistic cedar shake siding replica on the market. It gives you a stunning alternative to natural painted cedar with very little maintenance. Homeside Select Cedar Shake Vinyl Double 7in. Siding comes with Tru-Lock technology, a state-of-the-art locking system that not only holds your panels together seamlessly but still allows your panels to move as the temperature changes without exposing a single seam. Through a proprietary process, we took eighteen real cedar shakes and created a 3-D image of each and every one, so just like the cedar shakes of old, each Homeside Select panel comes with random edges that lock together using Tru-Lock technology. These random edges create the look and feel of cedar shakes without the gaps or openings for bugs, mildew, and mold. With multiple different colors to choose from, you can create the desired look you want for your home or business building with the assurance that it will never need to be painted again. Homeside Select Cedar Shake Siding is low-maintenance, hassle-free, and bug-free. Homeside Select Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the date of installation.

Many roofing & siding profiles today feature 3/12 and even 2/12 pitch designs. These shallow measurements are uniquely capable on your TAT60 when using either an 8 inch double-lap panel for 2/12, or 12 inch double-lap for 3/12 pitch. Wherever possible, always fit your first cut to check for accuracy. Extend saw the full length of the panel while cutting. Controls and adjustments are always within reach. The single-point locking control ensures multiple positioning of the boom without bending and stooping or reaching into harms way to make adjustments. The saw tracks are easily adjusted to accommodate any full shoe circular saw.

The NPC Sealants Solar Seal #900 is a terpolymer rubber adhesive and sealant. It is a high performance colored alternative to any silicone or urethane chemistry. This sealant by NPC Sealants is manufactured for commercial and high end residential jobs. Solar Seal 900 is formulated to work for materials such as vinyl, fiber-cement siding, fiberglass, cedar, metal roofing and panels, brick, masonry, sky lights, sun rooms, truck trailers, termination bars, clay tiles, copper, curtain walls, cured concrete, and flashing.  041b061a72


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