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Easton Gray
Easton Gray

Skachat Launcher Sims 3 Torrent

Hi, I played sims 3 with no problems yesterday. Now when I tried to open the game, shortcut didnt work and when I went to C:/Program Files(86x)/Mr Dj/Sims 3/Game/Bin and tried with launcher, it tells me that the file couldnt be found. Do I have to install it again or is there another solution?

skachat launcher sims 3 torrent

I downloaded the expansions through out torrent and save them in origin games/The sims3 folder, everything was working correctly, but since I had to install the EA APP and the origin app was unistalled, any expansion appears in the sims 3 launch, do you know how can I have the expansions again?

So basically, my laptop was wiped, so I redownloaded Sims 3 however every time I try to play it, it wont load at all; the launcher wont even show. I even tried to compress it in properties which did nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled it 3 whole times which did absolutely nothing, I am frustrated and I am about to to give up this is my last resort, I don't even have a sims 3 document file just properties. The PC I have is Windows 10 version 21H1. 041b061a72


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