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Easton Gray

The Will And The Way (Advanced Dungeons Drago...

New customization items are learn via special items, like, for example, Highland Drake: Black Scales, which is a Wrathion or Sabellion reputations' reward. All customization variants are, of course, account wide. You can get those from quests in the Dragon Isles, loot from rare enemies, receive as a reputation reward, or find in dungeons. You will not get many customization options right away, once you reach max level, and it will be quite time-consuming to get really rare ones.

The Will and the Way (Advanced Dungeons Drago...


The Dragon's Vault module features 15 compelling dungeons that provide a variety of additional content for advanced players in the game, including surprises around every corner that will challenge the most jaded adventurer. The Dragon's Vault is the first in a series of planned modules that will provide new content and features for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE. Turbine plans to release additional modules over time that will include new content, features, and other improvements to the hit MMOG. 041b061a72


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