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Solatorobo Art Book Scans Downloadl

Solatorobo Art Book Scans Downloadl

Solatorobo is a video game series developed by CyberConnect2, featuring anthropomorphic animals in a steampunk fantasy world. The first game, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, was released for the Nintendo DS in 2010, and the second game, Solatorobo: Seven Children, is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch.

One of the most appealing aspects of Solatorobo is its colorful and detailed art style, which draws inspiration from various sources such as French comics, anime, and European folklore. The game's characters, environments, and machines are designed by Nobuteru Yūki, a renowned anime artist who has worked on projects such as Escaflowne, Chrono Cross, and Space Battleship Yamato 2199.

Solatorobo Art Book Scans Downloadl

Download Zip:

For fans of Solatorobo who want to enjoy the game's art in high quality, there are several official and fan-made art books available online. These art books contain concept art, sketches, illustrations, and commentary from the game's creators. Some of them are rare and hard to find, but thanks to the internet, you can download them for free and view them on your computer or mobile device.

Official Art Books

The official art books for Solatorobo are published by CyberConnect2 and include the following:

  • Solatorobo Official Guide: This is a 104-page guidebook that covers the game's story, characters, gameplay, and secrets. It also includes a poster and a CD with the game's soundtrack. You can download it from [here].

  • Solatorobo Fanbooks Collection: This is a series of nine fanbooks (eight volumes plus one omnibus) that were released between 2010 and 2013. They feature various artworks and comics by CyberConnect2 staff and fans, as well as interviews and trivia. You can download them from [here].

  • Solatorobo Collectors Edition: This is a special edition of the game that was released in Japan in 2010. It comes with a box, a manual, a soundtrack CD, a drama CD, and a booklet with character profiles and sketches. You can download scans of the packaging from [here].

Fan-Made Art Books

In addition to the official art books, there are also some fan-made art books for Solatorobo that you can download online. These art books are created by independent artists who love the game and want to share their own interpretations and creations. Some of them are:

  • Solatorobo Anthology: This is a 100-page anthology of fan comics and illustrations by various artists. It was released in 2011 at Comiket 80, a Japanese comic convention. You can download it from [here].

  • Solatorobo Tribute Album: This is a 32-page album of fan artworks inspired by the game's music. It was released in 2012 at Comiket 82. You can download it from [here].

  • Solatorobo Fan Art Gallery: This is an online gallery of fan artworks for Solatorobo that you can browse and download. It features hundreds of images by artists from around the world. You can visit it [here].


If you are a fan of Solatorobo or just appreciate its art style, you should definitely check out these art books that you can download for free online. They will give you a deeper insight into the game's world and characters, as well as showcase the talent and passion of its creators and fans. Whether you prefer official or fan-made art books, you will surely find something that suits your taste and interest.


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