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Where To Buy Large Indoor House Plants

But much of the time, houseplants are adorably short, trailing down a bookcase or with just a few leafy stems coming out of a small pot. To truly feel like you are living inside an elegant forest, you need some tree-like, taller options.

where to buy large indoor house plants

Australian tree ferns (Cyathea cooperi, syn. Sphaeropteris cooperi) combine the best of ferns and trees, forming a sort of palm-like houseplant. They can grow to about nine feet tall indoors in dappled sunlight.

On the hunt for a tall houseplant to invigorate a bare corner, provide privacy from a window, or just add a pop of life to your space? Look no further than these 11 showstoppers. With proper care, they can all grow to be upward of 6 feet tall indoors.

Some larger plants and trees can be quite finicky, so we split up the list based on how difficult each one is to take care of and what it needs to thrive. Whether you're a new plant parent or a vegetation veteran, consider this your cheat sheet to the giant greenery of your dreams.

One of the most popular tall houseplants out there, the Bird of Paradise boasts large, striking leaves and doesn't require too much work on your end. Give it a few hours of direct sun a day, water every one to two weeks during the growing season, wipe down its dust-attracting foliage occasionally, and it'll reward you by growing upward, outward, and every direction in between.

The easiest large plants to keep alive are those that require minimal light and occasional watering. A few easy large plants include the Majesty Palm, Parlor Palm, and Ficus Tree. These plants thrive in filtered light, and they need dry soil between waterings. Keep them near a window and give them water once or twice per week.

Large plants create a warm and friendly ambiance in any home. Their height, accented by big leaves, gives them a presence that cannot be accomplished by furniture, artwork, and other decor. If you are looking for a way to bring the outside in, adding large plants to your living room will do the trick.

Plants draw attention to special areas of your home. You can use a plant to draw the eye upward, toward a piece of art, or a special piece of furniture. If you have especially tall ceilings, adding large plants to your living spaces makes the space feel cozier.

Buying indoor trees and tall indoor plants can be costly. For this reason, it is important to do some research to understand what plant suits your lifestyle and home best. It is possible to find low maintenance, low light, non-toxic and air purifying tall and large scale plants to suit your needs.

My African Milk Tree standing proud by a north facing door. It has been growing slowly but consistently. These type of tall indoor plants are suitable for minimalistic homes. Succulents of this proportion bring a sculptural, yet minimalistic look to any space.

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Depending on what sort of access you have to plant shops, buying your houseplants online may mean a much bigger selection. With so many varieties available from online plant stores, you skip the meager selection at the hardware store and scan an endless virtual garden of potted plants, ferns, ficus and flowers guaranteed to brighten a corner, window, shelf or room.

When you buy for your flora on the web, you can choose from common or exotic plants, mini cacti and succulents, hanging plants, flowering plants, planters, faux plants, air plants and large indoor floor plants that anchor an entire room. Better yet, popular online plant markets such as Bloomscape and The Sill provide specific advice for plant care to help your new green stay green. Most of these online plant retailers also carry a wide range of stunning pots and planters to display your new verdure in a myriad of styles and colors.

Beyond indoor plants, we dug up a solid option for buying bigger outdoor plants online including fruit trees, vegetable plants, vines and shrubs for landscaping in case this is the summer you're finally turning the backyard into a natural wonderland. And if you're looking to grow fresh herbs inside without having to touch a single grain of soil, we've got you covered there too: Check out CNET's list of best indoor pod gardens in 2023.

Whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor plants for the home or garden, there may not be a better selection than Bloomscape. Find plants that'll add loads of life and texture to any space, like palms, bird of paradise, succulent varieties or those trendy fiddle leaf figs. You can shop by categories, including "low-maintenance" and "pet-friendly," and each comes with a clay pot and saucer so it's ready to go upon arrival. Free shipping is available on all orders over $75.

The Sill is another online plant marketplace with a massive selection of indoor houseplants and outdoor plants, including ferns, figs, air plant options, snake plant varieties, orchids and succulents.

The Sill also offers subscriptions: The Plants for Beginners subscription sends one easy-care indoor plant to your home each month, fit with an earthenware pot in black, blush or mint. There's even a subscription for Pet Parents where you'll get monthly potted plant deliveries that are perfectly safe for Fido and Garfield.

Succulents are as easy as plants get and give you a little dessert charm without having to worry about watering them daily, or even weekly. Leaf & Clay is the online succulent specialist with endless varieties in all shapes and sizes. You can snag bundles starting at $25 or join a Mystery Box Subscription and have a shipment of three mini cacti show up at your door for $20 a month. There are also lots of pots and planters for sale to house your succulents or macrame to hang them in windows.

If you've got plans for some serious gardening or landscaping, the plant collection at Nature Hills is a good place to start for blooming plants, potted plant options and more. It's got everything from houseplant options and perennial flowers to literal trees, shrubs and vines. You can find fruit trees and plants here too, including apple, citrus and stone fruit trees along with a wide range of berry bushes.

If you're looking for a big showstopper of a monstera deliciosa or braided money tree to anchor a corner of your living room, try this San Francisco plant delivery service. Léon & George has a huge selection of statement plants and some sleek, modern pots to house them. Shipping costs vary depending on the size of the plant and they offer chic pots to really show off your new plant.

This online marketplace likes to think of itself as a vegan version of Amazon. PlantX carries a sprawling inventory of plant-based products, including a variety of indoor house plants and succulents. It's all reasonably priced too, with most clocking in under $50 and some small plants for as little as $6. What's nice about PlantX is you can tack other items, including ready-to-eat, plant-based meals to your order.

Otherwise known as the dracaena marginata, these ornamental houseplants have slim candelabra-shaped trunks and spiky leaves with hints of red. Indoors, they'll grow to about six feet tall, making them striking additions to your greenery collection.

Air-purifying ZZ plants are popular for their ability to thrive in many different conditions. They have waxy green leaves and large, potato-like rhizomes that store water underneath the soil. Keep them in medium to bright, indirect sunlight, like by a south-facing window, for proper growth.

Based on Feng Shui principles, placing rubber plants in corners helps to soften sharp angles. They have shiny, thick leaves with hints of red and black tones, and can grow six to 10 feet tall indoors.

Great for displaying on the patio, porch or indoor garden, alocasia dawns have large heart-shaped leaves. You'll find that the green and white tones are unique and come in multiple patterns and variations. When fully grown, they can reach three to five feet tall, so they're sure to stand out wherever they are placed.

Add a tropical touch to your indoor decor with croton plants. Their leaf colors range from red and yellow to orange and pink. They'll grow up to six feet tall and need partial to full sunlight to flourish.

Native to Central and South America, the money tree, also known as pachira aquatic, grows between six and eight feet tall indoors. They are considered one of the best Feng Shui plants for good energy and wealth, and have shiny green leaves that symbolize the five elements of balance: earth, fire, water, wind and metal.

Looking to add some greenery to you home? Browse our houseplants category and find our extensive variety of lush, tropical indoor plants for sale. We provide a carefully curated selection of live, fully grown, beautifully cared for house plants, paired with an unparalleled customer service experience. Order now and we will ship and deliver green joy to your doorstep!

From feathery ferns to spiky succulents and all the leaf varieties in between, house plants can help turn your house into a home. Even outside plants make your space feel more personal and lively. Bring home some character, big or small, with our plants and pots.

Boost the mood and improve indoor air quality while altering the look and feel of your home with stunningly attractive house plants. Add freshness in feel and look with exotic cacti and succulents. Spruce up your living room and dining room corners with potted trees with alluring braided trunks like the Guinea chestnut or Schefflera. Enjoy colorful orchids that bloom throughout the year in the kitchen, bathroom or study.

With their vertical leaves shooting up from plant pots like a group of green swords, Sansevieria combines the exotic with a bit of the familiar. Snake plants are low maintenance houseplants that only need to be watered sparingly. 041b061a72


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