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Vans Where To Buy

Built by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, Van Viewer is the ultimate place to browse hundreds of camper vans for sale nationwide. Drill down into van-specific features that make all the difference in finding your perfect camper van.

vans where to buy

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We've been leaders in the conversion van industry for 30 years thanks to our dedication to quality, sales, service and price, not to mention our selection. Our inventory includes conversion vans built on Chevrolet, GMC, Ford and Mercedes Chassis. We also sell both mini and full size wheelchair accessible (handicap equipped) conversion vans. Our selection of camper vans (class B vans) is one of the finest in the country.

The high quality and selection of class B motorhomes and camper vans at Classic Vans makes us the obvious choice for finding a van that offers the freedom and comfort of traveling in an RV, but at a fraction of the price. Click here to view our inventory of motorhomes, class B camper vans, and mini campers from the best travel van manufacturers, including: Airstream Interstate, Chinook, Great West, GTRV, Hasca Navion, Leisure Travel, Pleasure-Way, Roadtrek, Sportsmobile, Thor Citation and Winnebago.

Affordable disability vehicles: Equipped with both power and manual handicap lifts, our Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Honda and Toyota wheelchair vans ensure the needs of all passengers and drivers are taken care of. Our mobility experts will evaluate your specific preferences and disability needs, make the appropriate van modifications, and deliver your custom full-sized or mini right to your door in 2-4 weeks.

Classic Vans delivers your custom van directly to your home or work anywhere in the U.S. for one low flat shipping rate. Simply place your order online or by calling us directly at (866) 370-8222 and your very own custom luxury conversion, camper or wheelchair accessible van can be sitting in your driveway in just 2-4 weeks.

Wheelchair-accessible vans are an important part of an independent lifestyle for a person with mobility-related disabilities. But what if you can't afford a new wheelchair van? That's where used wheelchair-accessible vans come in.

For people in locations that are far away from the nearest mobility dealer, sometimes making the purchase online is the only viable option. Doing so can feel different or scarier than how you may have purchased a car in the past. On top of that, handicap vans are very personal and need to fit your wheelchair or allow you to drive from the steering wheel position if needed. AMS Vans has mastered the art of selling remotely by doing it for over 20 years. Any other local dealer may have just begun to sell remotely during the COVID pandemic. We take every remote customer through a personalized needs assessment to determine which van will fit best for them, at a fair price. Do this for so long, we've reached a point where we're confident that every van will be the right fit when it arrives at your driveway.

Because of our fair prices that are transparently shown on every van in stock, and because of our thorough photography process, you can have total peace of mind that what you see is what you'll get as if you were looking at the van at a local dealer. If you have other passengers that will be in the van with you, we'll also gather that information. Wheelchair vans shouldn't just be comfortable for the wheelchair user, but for their family and loved ones too.

Wheelchair users or caregivers that live in a metropolitan area likely have access to more locations that sell vans that are wheelchair accessible. In fact, you may be within a short distance of one of our several physical locations across the country. We have 4.8 stars on Google with over 17,000 customers served, by either selling online or in person. Each location is prepared to give you an excellent experience with an in-person needs assessment, review of features, take you on a test drive, or even give you a more thorough overview of handicap vehicles and how to navigate the shopping experience.

When searching for wheelchair vans for sale, it's important to know what type of financing benefits you have. Not all dealers provide simple, in-house financing options. We work with several banks to find the best option for you, your budget, and your credit score. Monthly payments will vary based on rate and down payment, and you shouldn't have to figure that out on your own. Our friendly consultants or in-house finance manager can help you nail down the monthly payment that you desire, for a wide range of credit scores and vehicle prices. Not all applicants can be approved, but our access to several banks increases your chances to get a van at our fair price.

The entry point and conversion type on the vehicle is one of the main aspects that affect the price because of the difference in complexity to convert side entry wheelchair vans vs. rear entry wheelchair vans. Side entry vehicles require a more complex conversion from more of the frame needing to be cut to make space for the lowered floor and more spacious entry. Rear entry is less intrusive to the original vehicle and is, therefore, less expensive. Less of the frame needs to be cut, but it's also less spacious and the "accessible area" usually sits behind everyone else instead of being in the middle, among the other passengers. Although it's a more affordable option, not everyone wants to ride in the back while everyone else can ride in the front. In-floor side-entry ramps are the gold standard for maximizing usable space and even allow ambulatory passengers to enter and exit the van without deploying the ramp, but that is the most complex and expensive option, for good reason. So, in summary, side entry vehicles and rear entry vehicles perform different functions that benefit people differently based on their situation.

A Mercedes Sprinter is considered one of the best vans for van life, even though it has a heftier price tag than similar vans in its class. We chose a Sprinter van as our second camper van due to its 44 capabilities, clearance, diesel engine and resale value.

The Chevy Astro van is one of the best affordable vans you can live in. These sturdy cargo and passenger vans have a cult following, with people either jacking them up to make them off-road capable, or lowering them.

Each Nissan NV200 is powered by a 4-cylinder, 2.0-liter engine, which offers less power than similar vans, like the Ford Transit Connect and Mercedes Metris. That means it also hauls less weight than other vans of a similar size.

MyNISSAN Owner Portal is your vehicle's online home, where you can access model-specific information designed to enhance your ownership experience. If so equipped, you can manage your NissanConnect Services and NissanConnect EV subscription through your MyNISSAN account.

Though they are no longer available for purchase, Nissan will continue to support the service of the vans over the next 10 years on while also being backed by our 5 Years/100,000 miles warranty and Roadside Assistance. The warranty does not apply to Certified Pre-Owned Vans.[[TK]]

The Ford Transit is one of the best-selling vans in America. This van is equipped with 10-speed automatic transmission and plenty of room for racks, bins, storage utility, equipment, tools and anything else you could need.

No two vans and no two use cases are ever the same. A self-employed contractor may need a completely different work van than an HVAC company. Because of the nuances, it is important to begin your search for the perfect business van with an idea of what you need for the following:

Initiates to the van life often begin shopping with second-hand vans for conversion, or for campers that have been prebuilt by companies. In fact, we took the latter route, as it makes good sense for truly customising your kit.

One of the best things about a Luton van is that the extra space above the cab of the van is large enough to comfortably hold a double bed that you can sit up in. This means that you can use the entirety of the main space solely as a living space and kitchen area, without worrying about where the bed should go.

Last but not least on our list of the best vans to live in, we have the Ram ProMaster. The ProMaster is becoming a significant competitor to the Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit vans in the campervan world, and is worth considering if you plan on living in your van all-year-round.

This was very helpful. I am 69 year old single female thinking of purchasing a pre-built used camper van. Do you have any more suggestions to help me. Also best brands and where to start my search to purchase one. Thank you

I just wanted to say that this information was very informative and clear the question I have is I live in Pennsylvania was wondering if there are any suggestions on where to buy a brand new empty van that you could park in a parking lot not be discovered but live in it the reason why I asked that question is I want to be able to buy in Pennsylvania

Every wheelchair user and caregiver deserves choice when it comes to mobility solutions, and BraunAbility delivers that better than any mobility manufacturer. Choose from our diverse line-up of side-entry and rear-entry wheelchair vans, or consider the all-new Chevrolet Traverse wheelchair accessible SUV. You can even purchase a brand new conversion on a pre-owned minivan. No matter what matters most to you, BraunAbility has a wheelchair accessible van to fit every individual, lifestyle, and budget. 041b061a72


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